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  • April 28, 2017

    MHS’s Architectural Model Shop

    After establishing and quickly filling another office location in Jersey City, MHS Architects decided to renovate an additional space for the architectural model shop. Quite a few of MHS Architect’s projects require a customized vantage point of the building and its spatial relationship to the surrounding urban environment. These three-dimensional project models not only help identify the project’s scale but can also be used as a sales tool for investors, donors, and regulators.


    MHS Architect’s new model shop is equipped with two 3D Ultimaker 3 Extended printers as well as a Full Spectrum Laser cutter. Both 3D printers are continuously printing 24 hours a day and the results are outstanding. Every 3D model printed reveals the most intricate geometries and architectural details.


    Buildings, neighborhoods and entire cities are being studied and printed in 3D. MHS Architects knows Jersey City and Hoboken inside and out. And the learning continues of other towns and neighborhoods, such as South Orange, Morristown and Bayonne as MHS Architects analyzes and designs multifamilies that complement each community.  Architectural 3D models highlight the design, identify context and scale and encourage support from all those involved.


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